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58022 in its working days for BR. Photo: Adrian Nicholls. We intend to use this loco’s frame for the reconstructed 10000.

The 58 and D16/1 classes both had a frame upon which the loco sat, rather than a monocoque construction like most diesels.

58022 was built on 31/12/1984 and withdrawn from service on 11/02/2002 though it appears to have been out of use for up to three years at that time. It sat at Crewe for 15 years, being robbed of parts, before we bought it, to use the chassis with 10000.

E2001, formerly gas turbine no 18100 seen at Rugby 1965.

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E2001, formerly gas turbine no 18100 seen at Rugby 1965. Until 1958 it operated out of Paddington and was then converted to AC 25KV traction for testing on WCML /Manchester/Liverpool lines. Originally built 1951 by MetroVick in Manchester . It was originally numbered E1000 after conversion but was renumbered and eventually got the TOPS classification class 80.