Class 128 M55990 at Harpenden

Class 128 M55990 at Harpenden _ The Class 128 DPV's construc… _ Flickr.png

The Class 128 DPV’s constructed for the London Midland and Western regions differed slightly in their front end appearance but were among the most powerful units constructed. They were all withdrawn by 1990 by which time newspaper and parcels traffic had significantly reduced. Seen here from Carlton Road footbridge in Harpenden on 13th July 1963 is M55990 heading north.

Class 117 at Ongar

Class 117 at Ongar _ The Class 117 DMU that is operated at t… _ Flickr.png

The Class 117 DMU that is operated at the Epping Ongar Railway is seen here making a claggy departure from Ongar in July 2019. Noticeable is the bowing of the rear unit body which is presumably through age rather than any accident damage.

This Class 117 DMU consists of Driving Motor Standard (DMS) 51384 and Driving Motor Brake Standard (DMBS) 51342.